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Our Services

Your journey, from the moment you get in touch, will be centred around you-  understanding you as a person, what you want to achieve with physiotherapy and ensuring that we focus, not just on the pain, but any underlying or associated factors that may be contributing.

We aim for that journey to continue even after your treatment with us is complete.  Physiotherapy, in our opinion, is as much about reducing the reoccurrence of an injury or problem, as it is solving it in the first place.

We treat all conditions from spinal problems including whiplash and sciatia, upper and lower limb pain,  soft tissue injuries and sports related issues.

Assessment & Diagnosis

All of our physiotherapy sessions involve an in depth discussion to help ensure that we understand enough about you as a person, and the problems that you are having, in order to provide the best possible treatment. 


This is then followed by an objective examination, which involves a detailed assessment of your movement, posture and strength in order to help us establish an accurate diagnosis. 


From here, we can then build a treatment plan and rehab programme  to suit your needs, whether that is at home, at the gym or on the go.

Senior Physiotherapy

Continued Care

At Wilsmore Physiotherapy our aim is to help you to get better and then reduce the chances of injury reoccurring. 

We don't believe in a "one size fits all" treatment plan so don't be surprised if we don't ask you to rebook straight away or at consistent time intervals. Everybody works at their own pace and we will only suggest a review as required, when you really need it.

Your digital rehab programme means you can feel supported in putting the work in to your rehab in between sessions, and we'll look forward to seeing the results at your follow up appointments. 

We're always here for a telephone or video review in between sessions too.

Home Fitness


We offer what is commonly known as "western approach" style acupuncture - acupuncture based on science and physiology rather than traditional Chinese acupuncutre. All of our clinicians are fully accredited with HCPC (Health Care Professionals Council) and CSP (Chartered Society of Physiotherapy) approved acupuncture qualifications, and we are also registered with Plymouth City Council  as a licensed venue.  

Acupuncture has been shown to offer huge benefits as an additional element to your rehab and recovery, however it will rarely be given in isolation and will form part of your well rounded and individual plan when clinically indicated.


Running services

Running is a sport we are particularly passionate about at Wilsmore Physiotherapy. Mike's background as a very experienced runner himself, combined with his extensive experience of treating runners from local clubs right up to Olympic level standard, means that we have a lot to offer. See specific services below.

Running Gait Assessment

A detailed analysis of your running form linked closely to your movement assessment that allows us to see the finer detail of what may be the cause of your issues or repeated injuries. We will use our own observation skills as well as specialised computer software look at how the whole body moves from different perspectives and use this to help to build your rehab plan.

Running Performance Plan

Runners love to run, and providing we can get you better the aim will always be to keep an element of running in your rehab. 

Many running injuries are related to imbalances, weaknesses or training errors and this service is aimed at addressing these while keeping you running. 

The performance plans are suitable for all abilities, and will address the 'other' aspects of running that are often neglected such as strength and conditioning work, running form and structuring a successful training programme.

Up the Stairs

Virtual services

We also offer virtual physio via video and telephone - during the last year we have had some amazing results. Not only can it be a more convenient option for you and your busy schedule, but it does aim to offer the same level of care and exclusive rehab programmes as a face to face appointment.  It also means we can treat patients from anywhere in the world, so get in touch!

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Child Physiotherapy

Opening Hours

We will work in a way that best suits you whether that is face to face, virtual or on the telephone.

Standard Hours-

Monday: 9am-5pm

Tuesday: Closed

Wednesday: 10am-2pm

Thursday : Closed

Friday: 9am-5pm
Appointments may be available outside these times on request

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