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The Mummy MOT certified practitioner

Pelvic Health Services 

Pelvic health initial consultation

A 1 hour assessment of pelvic floor function for those with symptoms of pelvic floor dysfunction such as incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse, pelvic pain or pregnancy related symptoms. £60

Pelvic health review

Pelvic health review - 30 mins or 1 hour review following initial consultation to help support through progress and rehab. £35/£60

Antenatal advice session

A 1 hour session dedicated to teaching you all about your changing body in pregnancy, how to keep active and how to look after your pelvic floor in pregnancy and labour. £60.

Return to running assessment

Post-natal assessment for those patients looking to return to running. Assessment of dynamic core and lower limb strength in relation to running form. Not suitable for those with significant symptoms of pelvic floor dysfunction who would require a pelvic health initial assessment first. Please note this assessment does not involve an internal pelvic floor examination. 60 mins. £60.

C-section assessment

A holistic post-natal assessment following a c-section delivery. Includes: a thorough history of your health, births and concerns; assessment of your scar; tummy muscle check and pelvic floor assessment if indicated. Treatment includes advice, rehab exercises, scar treatment advice and product recommendations. Suitable for new mums or   c-section scars years down the line, if they are still causing issues.

The Mummy MOT
Mum and baby

The Mummy MOT is a specialist postnatal assessment for women following vaginal and C-section deliveries.  For mums of 8 weeks to 10 years and beyond.  It is never too late to achieve your postnatal goals.

60-90 min assessment

  • Full movement and postural screen

  • Abdominal muscle separation check

  • Pelvic floor muscle assessment

  • Detailed screening for bladder, bowel or sexual dysfunction.

Following your assessment you will receive:

  • Full written report of your assessment

  • Comprehensive rehab plan

  • Future treatment plan to help you achieve your goals

Price : £90

How long after birth can I have a Mummy MOT?


Our postnatal checks can be completed any time from 8 weeks postpartum, after your 6-8 week GP check. Even mums who had a baby many years ago can benefit from a Mummy MOT, with or without symptoms, to help to treat any problems but also keep you injury free.


Do I have to have any symptoms to have a Mummy MOT?


No! If you are lucky enough to be feeling like you don’t have any issues postnatally, you can still benefit from a Mummy MOT screen. This can help to prevent problems occurring later on and help you to safely return to exercise and sport.

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