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Massage Plymouth

Do I need a doctor’s referral?

No, you can book a face to face or virtual appointment via the website.  If you have health insurance with BUPA or AXA we can offer you treatment through them too.

What is your new patient procedure?

Once you have booked and paid your deposit we will send you a confirmation email with some electronic forms to complete, this will save time on the day and mean we have more time to assess and treat you.

On the day, we will start by talking through the history of your injury and what you wish to achieve. This will be followed up by a thorough objective assessment where we assess how you move and the injury itself.

All this will help me to understand the issues you are experiencing.  We will then discuss the findings and the treatment approach suitable for you.

This may include some hands on therapy and will almost always include a rehabilitation programme for you to conduct to help you get back to full function.

What types of health insurance do you accept?

We currently accept BUPA and AXA.  You will require a pre-authorisation number from them in order to book an appointment.

What should I wear?

In order to properly assess you we need to have good access to the limb/area of treatment:

Hips or below: please wear or bring some shorts with you.

Upper body: please wear a vest top if female or a male uncomfortable with removing your t-shirt please wear a vest.

If at any point you are unhappy with the level we have asked you to undress, please do let us know and we will adapt your assessment as required.

How many sessions will I need?

This is individual to every patient. Some people will need to come back so we can offer more hands on treatment and to progress the exercises, whereas others will be able to use the rehab programme to help get themselves back to full fitness after one session. 

Review time will depend on the individual, their lifestyle, needs and ability to do the rehab consistently.  Most people find a review every 4-6 weeks helpful to ensure they are progressing in the right direction.

Can I contact you outside of an appointment?

If you have a simple question regarding your exercises between sessions this can be done through WhatsApp or e-mail and we will reply as soon as we can.  However, if this requires more time, clinical advice, or you have not had contact with us for more than 4 weeks you will be required to book a 60 or 30 min review or a telephone call to discuss the issue further.

Can I bring someone with me?

A chaperone is compulsory for people under the age of sixteen and anyone with a learning disability.

Patients are welcome to bring a family member or friend to accompany them into the consulting room.

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