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Having had an Achilles problem for nearly a year I got in touch with Mike. After a thorough assessment I left with an detailed plan for managing and strengthening my Achilles. But what was so inspiring was that I also got a running plan to get to a long held running goal. As a 70+ year old who was concerned that my decent running was behind me, I am now back out running with real purpose and enjoyment. (It's also hard work :-)) We are also keeping in touch on progress, with Mike providing helpful hints and answers to questions I have. The physio session genuinely changed my life.


I live overseas and have done all my work with Mike remotely - he has taken me from struggling to run over 5k due to niggling injuries to completing a half Ironman triathlon this year. As well as providing exercises to strengthen specific areas, he also studied my running gait and made suggestions to not only reduce injury but also run more efficiently! Highly recommended!!


Mike is professional and knowledgeable. As a professional distance runner, it is important to get ahead of injuries and stay on top of maintenance work. Not only has Mike provided me with soft tissue work, but he has also used acupuncture during our sessions. Mike does an excellent job at listening and additionally providing pre-hab exercises to help with any issues I might be dealing with. 100% recommend!


Mike is an excellent physio who has helped to speed up my recovery from a torn calf muscle. I am not a sportsman - just someone who took up jogging during lockdown, and likes walking. The injury was preventing me from enjoying these things. Now due to Mike's help (first-rate massage combined with a personalised exercise regime) I am back into regular pain-free runs and long walks on Dartmoor. Mike is patient, totally non-judgmental and explains everything brilliantly. Highly recommended.


Mike was very professional and only care to get you running ASAP. Not driven by money or unnecessary extra visits. Well worth his money


I had a running injury last year in November. I felt a sharp twinge at the ankle part of my leg. Rested it for a few weeks hoping it would heal itself! It didn’t! So i contacted Mike via zoom as i live in Southend and he’s in Devon. After a chat telling him my story,He told me straight away i had a grade 2 calf injury! Gave me exercises to follow and told me how long the recovery process would be and he was spot on👌✅


Mike has really helped me not only get over my injury but also prevented it from coming back! Even with virtual consulting he located the issue and through useful follow up guided me to recovery and I am running better than ever! Made a real difference Mike being a runner himself as he understands the mindset and challenges a runner faces being injured. Have been recommending Mike to all of my running friends, and he will be my first port of call for future injuries


Mike Wilsmore Physiotherapy jas been providing a weekly assessment on my legs for several weeks in my build up to the London marathon 2021. As an active athlete himself is is fully tuned in to the needs of a runner and has given a thoroughly professional, open and friendly service. Utterly reliable his attention to detail is second to none. His expert knowledge allowed me to continue my hard training package and get to the start line in peak condition. I whole heartedly recommend Mike and will be continueing to make use of his expertise in my build up to future endurance races. 5 stars (I would give +5 but the review does not allow. Thanks for all your hard work Mike its very much appreciated.


Mike helped enormously with my injury. It is clear that he has extensive knowledge, coupled with his own experience as an elite level athlete, to get to the bottom of persistent injuries (particularly running related). Highly recommend Mike

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