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Dietician - Alice Murray-Gourlay

Registered Dietitian and Sports Nutritionist

Dietician - Alice Murray-Gourlay


Performance nutrition
Sports injury nutrition
Low energy availability and Relative Energy Deficiency in Sport (REDs)
Disordered Eating and Eating Disorders
Female Health


Qualifying as a dietitian in 2015, Alice gained a wealth of experience working within the NHS and covering areas including coeliac disease, IBS, eating disorders, bariatric surgery and weight management.

As a sports nutritionist, she has extensive insight across a broad range of athletes from gym enthusiasts to amateur athletes to professional athletes. Alice has a strong ethos of supporting athletes to optimise their health resulting in improved outcomes from training. Without health, performance can’t happen.
Alice is passionate about supporting athletes fuel adequately and is involved with educating clubs, governing bodies and athletes on the importance of nutrition in sport and exercise.

As an athlete herself, Alice understands the difficulties athletes face regarding nutrition and the significant impact nutrition can have on performance.
What can you expect?

Alice combines her clinical expertise with her passion for sports performance to support individuals using a person centred and flexible approach to ensure you get the most from an appointment.

Generally, Alice recommends a brief call or email to better understand what you are looking for and give you a chance to discuss your options. Initial appointments last an hour and will allow you the opportunity to discuss your options and receive support that will optimise your training and/or reduce your symptoms.
You will receive a follow up email with an outline of any guidance given and the opportunity to ask follow up questions.

Please message Alice to find out more or arrange a call:

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