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Total Fitness

Welcome to Total Fitness, a non-judgemental Gym, with a private feel to your training. We will always assist with your training to ensure that you get the most out of your time at the gym.

Train Smart.

We offer Coaching on a 1-2-1 basis or if you'd like we even offer Semi PT Sessions minimum of 3, with a variety of block bookings to suit you and your lifestyle.


* Block Booking 4 PT Sessions 50min - £120
* Block Booking 12 PT Sessions 50min - £300

Whatever your fitness level, I can help you renew a sense of well being that will positively transform your life.

Weekly nutritional support, monthly bodyscan analysis and measurements.

Working with you on a one to one basis, I will quickly assess your capabilities and create a fitness regime that is unique to you. I will push you to better your performance and help you achieve your personal goals.

Don't fancy 1 to 1 PT, no problem have a look at our other package deals.


Really getting the most out of your training, whilst training within a small group of 3. You have a 12-week Programme to follow, with your coach checking in on you weekly, offering you weekly nutritional support and creating your own Training Group Chat, to ensure you all encourage, motivate and keep on track with your training sessions.

* Block Booking 12 Coaching Sessions 50min £220 each


Total teamwork in getting both of you to your set goals, be it fat loss, muscle gain or even general fitness. Working with each other our superb training facility or the local park, being pushed to your limits.

* Block Booking 12 Coaching Sessions 50min Sessions £260ea

NOTE: Prices correct as of 22nd June 2024

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